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Videos that are professional and well made can expand your brand's reach, increase profits and bring in new customers. If it is selling your talents or sharing a personal story, Dolly Shot will deliver videos that engage, inspire and leave a lasting impression. Creating an interesting, dynamic story, produced on time and within budget, is my specialty. We are Dolly Shot Productions. Let us tell your story.

portrait within a portrait
portrait within a portrait

photoshop fun during a casting call. portrait by Sergio Kurhajec.

Supermodel Leilani Bishop...
supermodel Leilani Bishop...

... loves to laugh and is a pleasure to work with.

My Name In Lights
my name in lights

outside studio 4 at Shoot Digital.

My Light Is Bigger Than Your Light
my light is bigger than your light

...with extraordinary photographer and lighting guru Greg Aune.

Michael Chung!
Michael Chung!

I've had the pleasure of working with Michael for many years. I love this guy!


This is my colleague "Cousin" - we share the same last name so we started calling each other cousin.

Behind the Scenes
behind the scenes
with Sergio Kurhajec
with Sergio Kurhajec
Behind the Scenes
behind the scenes

The in-between moments are the best.

A gigantic sound stage at Pier 59 Studios.
studio c

Pier 59, NYC.

Squinching in Marfa, TX
squinching at El Cosmico

Marfa, TX.

Volunteering in the Gulf
volunteering in the Gulf of Mexico

tackling projects focused on food, housing and environmental restoration. That’s what we call In Good Company®.

This One's Personal
this one's personal

i had the honor of working with photographer Abby Trayler-Smith when she took this portrait of my partner and me.


and great friends.

Behind the Scenes
behind the scenes
Dance like no one's watching
Dance like no one's watching

Advertising shoot when models were asked to dance instead of walk.